Our Sign!

The Furniture Surgeon's Welcome sign
Handcarved and painted business sign.

An example of a unique handcarving

Handcarved idol

A Handcarved Sign for Lindesfarne with handcarved Alpacas

Handcarved sign with handcarved Alpacas

Example of a glass topped coffee table with hand-carved legs


Handcarved wooden coffee table legs by The Furniture Surgeon
Wonderful detail in this handcarved wood and glass coffee table.


Example of a hand-carved wooden key

Example of a hand-carved wooden key


Example of a handcarved wooden figurine


handcarved wooden figurine
Handcarved figurine.


Handcarved wooden sign for Visual Arts Centre at Kempsey High School


Handcarved wooden sign
Handcarved wooden sign for the Visual Arts centre at Kempsy High School

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