The Furniture Surgeon


Welcome to the world of the Furniture Surgeon.


The Furniture Surgeon in his workshop

The Furniture Surgeon at work.


Having worked as a cabinet maker and furniture restorer for over 30 years, I now run my own furniture restoration and wood carving business in Crescent Head on the beautiful mid north coast of NSW.

The introduction to my craft began at the tender age of 17 in Melbourne. A love for wood carving also emerged in my teens having had the privilege of being mentored by English master wood carver Walter Wood. With all my experience in making and restoring furniture I can repair and restore your furniture back to life or else I am able to recycle it into a new and original piece.

I also create unique hand carved signs bearing family, business or property names including personalised logos and emblems of your choosing. Hand carved 21st birthday keys and commemorative plaques make for very personal gifts and are popular. Don’t hesitate to call me to talk about the many different fonts, styles and timbers that are available.

My clients commission me because they know I am not only passionate about producing the highest quality workmanship, but I am also versatile and offer friendly, reliable and uncomplicated service.

My creative inspiration is drawn from having lived on three different continents, as well as the indelible imprint of extensive travels throughout the world.

My journey has thus far left me a foe to mediocrity and I believe this shines through my work.You are welcome to check out some of my restorations and art pieces at my Gallery.



The Furniture Surgeon's Welcome sign

Handcarved and painted business sign.